Commuting the blog…

Okay, so the long weekend has started.  I just got the design back to normal.  With the commute from TypePad, I missed out on writing on some amazing things that I will hopefully get to very soon.  Thanks for your patience.  The old posts are coming back soon!

“Land” Rush on the Seafloor ~ Oil in the Arctic Sub-bergs

There’s a “land” rush on the Arctic seabed. It’s not the newly discovered islands that are appearing from thawing, nor is it the polar bears swimming for their lives from the loss of ice. National Geographic reports that there’s oil in them thar ‘bergs, and it’s causing battles among neighboring nations such as Russian, Denmark, […]

Public Service Announcment ~ Stop Sports Crocs Now!

You might love how comfortable your Crocs are. You might even dare wear them out in public, but never forget that they are still ugly. Get rid of them. And while I thought that Crocs alone were a nightmare, I was then walked hand-in-hand with horror down Elm Street at It was there that […]

Vacating the Vacation ~ Senate Might Return to Washington for Secretary Change

Rumors have been running around DC that Bush supposedly made a deal with Congress that he would make no recess appointments during their vacation if they would pass the temporary FISA law allowing warrantless wiretaps on American citizens. Now, however, with Alberto Gonzales leaving, Bush could potentially break that agreement, if it even exists, and […]

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