New Roomba Robots Introduced ~ Featuring the Virtual Wall® Lighthouse™

20070822iRobot560The new Roomba vacuum cleaning robots are out from iRobot. They look pretty amazing. I hope they are as great as the old models. I want one! They even come with the oh-so-creative Virtual Wall® Lighthouses™. Glad that they were somehow able to trademark the word “lighthouse,” since it’s hardly ever used in anything that’s not everything. At least the “lighthouses” are actually used to repel my little robot friend from the treacherous sea.

20070822iRobotLighthouseAs for those three white things sticking out, I think it’s a brush and not some cigarettes or cotton swabs being sucked up. But this lighthouse thing, looks more like a coffee maker or blender base. Will it blend?

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Posted on August 22, 2007
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