Navy Seals ~ Footprints Commercial

The military in paradise is one of my favorite topics, particularly when it comes to recruitment. One of the more sophisticated examples of the approach is the “Footprints” commercial for the Navy Seals that was released in February of 2006: As far as military recruiting goes, this commercial hits it. It’s aware of cultural connections […]

Oceans to rise by 82 feet?

While the International Panel on Climate change has estimated that ocean levels could rise as much as 2 feet, Professor James Hanson of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Goddard Institute says that they could rise by as much as 82 feet according to the Globe and Mail.

Iguana See My Lawyer ~ Bad Knock Knock Jokes on the White House Door

An interesting question has been raised for the Supreme Court to answer: if Cuban iguanas get protections under United States law, then why don’t “enemy combatant” detainees? With the Guantanamo Bay naval base, the United States has controlled part of the island nation of Cuba for over a hundred years. The Bush administration strategically chose […]

His Next Lei ~ Ted Haggard on His Knees Again

Not since this last lei has Ted Haggard dropped so hard to his knees—this time begging for cash. He apparently says that he and his wife just need people to help them get by with their monthly expenses for two years of education until they can take up residence at the faith-based Phoenix Dream Center. […]

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