Vacating the Vacation ~ Senate Might Return to Washington for Secretary Change

Rumors have been running around DC that Bush supposedly made a deal with Congress that he would make no recess appointments during their vacation if they would pass the temporary FISA law allowing warrantless wiretaps on American citizens. Now, however, with Alberto Gonzales leaving, Bush could potentially break that agreement, if it even exists, and place Chertoff in Gonzales’ place.

The only way to stop it? Well, it seems that the Senate would have to come back from their vacation and form a special “pro forma” session to handle the confirmation. Will they pull themselves from their yachts? Okay, so they say that it’s a “district work period.” had a good quote from Reagan’s former Chief of Staff, Ken Duberstein:

“It’s the optics,” said Ken Duberstein, chief of staff under President Ronald Reagan, who was known for his passion for spending time at his California ranch. “Whether you’re in Congress or the White House, you must give the impression that you’re working and not tanning, that you’re at your desk and not at the beach.”

Beach or not, will they all come back to Washington if the President tries to push this through?

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Posted on August 27, 2007
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