Couch surfing ~ short-term travel is fun again

Back in the days of escudos and francs, traveling abroad used to be a lot of fun. However, as the wave grew, everybody and their hamster decided to roll under humongous backpacks and head out for what turned into a rite of passage. Now, the competition for even crappy hostels and bathroom-sharing hotels can be […]

Like lipstick on a concrete pig

No matter how many palm trees you put into you ad for colored concrete, you ain’t gonna make that cement look pretty.  This picture is from a Scofield ad on the back cover of Landscape Architecture Magazine (October 2007).  It’s great to peruse through industry magazines like this one because you get a chance to […]

Smart Money ~ Busted Covers

I pointed out how Dow Jones, the parent company of the Wall Street Journal that is now owned by Rupert Murdoch’s corporation, has trouble not busting out of their island-beach-sailboat mentality in this post on their Market Watch product. The October cover of Smart Money is another example of this. This magazine frequently puts average, […]

Body cooling is bringing heart attack victims back to life ~ and putting them back on their sailboats

If you haven’t heard about life-saving, body cooling for heart attacks and other injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, be sure to check out this article from Here’s a great quote: “After being dead for a few minutes back in May, Bill along with Monica are now back to enjoying their boating life, with […]

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