Chocolate ~ the one product that isn’t advertised with paradise ~ even though it’s grown there

Chocolate is rarely advertised with paradise, even though cocoa is actually grown in tropical places. Mounds and Almond Joy are the obvious exclusions, as they are actually marketed more as coconut with chocolate than chocolate with coconut. But cocoa is grown in fairly warm climates and rarely gets credit for it.

Some of the confusion comes from the fact that we think exclusively about the places in which the cocoa is processed into chocolate: Belgium, Switzerland, France, etc. The other distancing factor is that we tend to think of cream when we think of chocolate. Hot islands and deserts don’t strike you as places where you can make cheese very well. Nobody thinks of Thailand as ice cream central, even though you can always find yogurt and Muesli at the resorts that cater to the German tourists. But we learned earlier this week that yogurt is different.

Unlike bifidus regularis, not all microbes are beneficial to human digestive tracks. This no-cream-on-islands notion will likely change over time as more and more people, at least in the States, are cashing in their milk chocolate marriage for dark chocolate lust. There’s one company that comes to mind that is playing all sides right: L.A. Burdick Chocolate. These are not the Caribbean island photos you normally see in cheesy advertising:

I love this company. Not only are their artisanal chocolates (and cakes) delicious, they are one of the few companies that actually can get away with using, very sparingly of course, images of island paradise to tout their products. And they, of course, balance it with ample Switzerland so as to capture both sides of the chocolate image making process. Check out their “Why Grenada” page here.

They don’t just tout the palm trees and beaches though. They include pictures of the people who actually farm the cocoa and the places in which they live. It’s actually about the product and its origins! Imagine that.

One thing that I wanted to chide Burdick’s for in the beginning of my love affair with them while I was in grad school was their selling chocolate penguins. You can understand why if you read my ranty post on penguins and Jessica Alba here. However, I have decided to let it slide since they also have chocolate mice, which are not the first animal that most people would think of putting in their mouths (watch this creepy Quizno’s ad here). But these icons both work for Burdick’s.

Here’s a picture of the penguins from their “Elegant Weddings – Favors 2007-2008″ brochure, which strangely reminds us that penguins mate for life (unlike half of humans):

On a side note, I accidentally added an “s” to Burdick when I typed in what I thought was their web address, and this is the placeholder website that popped up:

I’ve seen this one before, but it was very strange timing today. The Rapidsea cause continues: save paradise.

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Posted on September 27, 2007
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