Patrick Watson’s Close to Paradise ~ Best Canadian Album of the Year? Review here

Last year the Canadian Polaris Prize, admittedly not the most important award in music, went to Final Fantasy’s album He Poos Clouds.  This year, according to the Queen’s Journal at Queen’s University, the prize went to Patrick Watson for his album Close to Paradise. The album is not bad if you’re looking to slow down […]

Alooha-ready skin ~ Egyptian Magic

Not since seeing the Alooha sandwich delivery scooter in Cairo in 2005 have I been so excited about an Egyptian product advertising itself. Well, by way of Buzzfeed, I noticed this nice little product called Egyptian Magic. If you click there to go to their official website, you’ll notice this little wonder of an image: […]

Pirate Politician ~ Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) at his "floating trailer park"

Up until I posted the Pirate Politician Post on Rep. Jerry Weller (R-IL), I had avoided using Larry E. Craig as the first “Pirate Politician” for various (perhaps obvious) reasons, but this week his hypocrisy and lust for luxe have been further exposed. It’s time. I’ll dive right into this post, which was born because […]

Pirate Politician? Former President Vicente Fox Which came first the beach house or the scandal?

The classic Rapidsea corruption question is popping up again today: Which came first the beach house or the scandal? I have chided Rep. Jerry Weller’s (R-IL) Nicaraguan land deals and Larry Craig’s (R-ID) yacht club lifestyle, but a new issue has popped up with Mexico’s Former President Vicente Fox in the Houston Chronicle today. It […]

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