Unknown Canada vs. Not Obviously Canada

I really love Canada and try to travel there at least once a year if I can. It’s always refreshing to have different forms of visual stimulation as opposed to the lameitude that is American highway sprawl stimulation. Luckily, today such a visual flew south electronically. It was a web ad for “Unknown Canada” full of people literally running in their underwear. It was difficult not to look at and to click on.

It’s been a while since I saw a tourism booster campaign like this that really stood out among the rest. I thought, “Leave it to Canadian creativity to know how to stand out.” Unfortunately, the site is more of a teaser for free music and a link to the more extensive “Keep Exploring” tourist website. That’s where I found some less-distinguished, though beautiful, images.

First off, there’s this lighthouse one. Unless you’re an expert on lighthouse architecture, it would be hard to know if this lighthouse is in North Carolina, Maine, Oregon, or my living room. It’s totally beautiful, but nowhere as eye catching as underwear racing.

Secondly, we have this one of the family jumping to the lake with the hands and legs flailing about. I have seen this image used for just about everything from Swedish clothing to South Carolina real estate developments.

Please go back to your “Unknown Canada” campaign for more inspiration. We need your help down south here. And in the meantime, I will spread more word of mouth: visit Canada! NOW! It’s worth it, despite the terrible exchange rate for Americans at the moment.

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Posted on September 26, 2007
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