Smithsonian Ecocenter ~ The Oceans has a great collection of information and links here on the oceans.  I found my way there from the Gates of Paradise photos, which contained the following ad (animated file split into three stills): It’s a catchy ad because coral reefs are a subject near and dear to many people’s hearts.  I tested this […]

Zipcar announces merger with Flexcar

You might know of Zipcar if you live in cities like DC or Boston and of Flexcar if you live in places like Seattle, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.  Now it looks like the two companies are merging according to an announcement from Zipcar to its members on October 31st.  Grab your sand pail and shovel, Flexcar […]

Consolidated Credit Counseling Service ~ lifesaver?

  My impression of freedom has been expanded just by looking at this picture.  It’s like they grabbed that woman in the lifesaver above and flung her out of the sea and across a field of sunflowers.  She promptly spread her arms so that she could fly, but little does she know she can’t.  Ploooomph.  […]

Smithsonian ~ Gates of Paradise restored

I referenced the Gates of Paradise tour in the new "Out to See" section on the right of the page, and decided to actually post on it after going through the photos.  This restoration is amazingly beautiful, and if you can get to Chicago, New York, or Seattle while the Gates are on tour, you […]

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