Retirement Center ~ because books are needed while you slowly die on a sand bar

I hate ideal beach pictures that represent what we’re supposed to do at the end of our lives.  If you look at this one from the "Retirement Center" at, you’ll notice that this retired person didn’t even think to actually use the umbrella for shade:

20071025AmazonRetirementCenterIt’s just a prop.  All of these images are just props in our lives that try to tell us how we’re supposed to live by people who want to sell us things.  They’re a visual vocabulary that have been used so many times that we really have forgotten what they meant in the first place.

Can you even imagine spending more than one day of your retirement sitting out there on that little sand mound with a ridiculous white umbrella?  How long is it even going to stay white?  You surely won’t be white after sitting in that sun for 12 years.  Are you going to pick up everything and run every day as the tide comes in?  Aren’t you going to get bored, go blind from the sun, or develop skin cancer by doing so?  At least get under the umbrella.

You don’t have to retire on the beach.  In fact, it’s best if most of us do not.  If you have a family, and you like them of course, consider retiring closer to them.  You’ll have much more fun.  Encourage your friends to do the same.  You can always take a day on the beach every now and then, too, but otherwise there aren’t enough ideal little sand bars to go around.  Let’s enjoy what we have closer to our current homes.  And remember that seawalls kill beaches if you’re moving into a new condo with a shiny new wall in front of it.  Not a great long-term investment.  And you know that you could live to be 127.  Let mid-life crisis number two begin.

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Posted on October 26, 2007
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