Looks like ocean love started about 165,000 years ago when humans first moved to the beaches

The great underlying Rapidsea question of how and when our love affair with the sea began has been narrowed — through a 45,000-year expansion in our knowledge of human beach history.  Mason Inman at the National Geographic news section is reporting that researchers have uncovered evidence in some caves in South Africa that shows humans started beach living about 165,000 years ago.  That was approximately the time they started consuming shellfish.

According to the article, one researcher, Jon Erlandson of Oregon State in Eugene, even suggest that this move to a seafood diet happened earlier.  Erlandson states: "Baboons do it; birds do it."  So why wouldn’t humans?  Good question.  The researchers suggest that the oceans helped us survive a 70,000-year ice age.  That would pretty much answer how our souls could be so intertwined with the oceans — maybe we’re even hardwired with respect.

The whole article is here.  Please take a look if you want to know more about tools, dyes, and the period of ice age survival.  This excerpt contains just a smidgen of information from the article.

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Posted on October 17, 2007
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