New Rapidsea section: Out to See ~ News & Views

Too many articles dock at my desk in a day to post as Rapidsea entries, so "Out to See ~ News & Views" will serve as a quick link to outside articles, posts, and images that I hope you’ll find interesting.  Enjoy!

Political cartoon at the beach by Bertual Reality

Here’s a sliver of a funny cartoon from Bertual Reality at Blogspot.  Click to go to their post to see the dangers that are lurking: Thanks to Debbie for sending along the link.

FTC Consumer Fraud Top 10 ~ 70% of scams are often advertised with escape and paradise images

The Consumerist’s Ben Popken posted the "Top 10 Consumer Frauds" yesterday.  Of the ten listed at their post, seven of the scams frequently use images of escape and paradise to lure customers in.  Going by the FTC figures that The Consumerist lists, up to 16,800,000 people accounted for in the top ten list may have […]

Full Sail Real World Education ~ Wings for sails

We have a double transportation escape whammy with a school called "Full Sail Real World Education" that uses its name along with a logo of an old prop plane.  It’s a mode of transportation that you may have taken on a weekend excursion to Cuba decades ago when prop planes were more widely used and […]

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