Monopoly Escape ~ WWII Game or Today’s ‘Tropical Tycoon’

Today has been awash in researching toys that are on display as part of the kick off to the holiday season. A good place to start turned out to be Amazon’s Holiday Toy List, which is a selection of their most popular items. It was there that I came across this little escape-to-paradise jewel: the Monopoly Tropical Tycoon DVD game.


With the number of tropical escape images that are thrust in front of us on a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before Monopoly had theirs too. We could rail on this one, but in truth the island in the middle of the board is kind of fun. The only turn off is the DVD. I’m assuming you can play the game without it?

While the Tropical Tycoon game alone deserves its own post, yet another version of Monopoly escape popped up at Reddit. Robin Moroney has written an interesting blog post about how Monopoly games were used by the UK to help prisoners of war escape during WWII. In addition to the usual pieces, the games contained real money under the fake money along with compasses, maps, etc. It’s a great post and a quick read.

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Posted on November 20, 2007
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