Marvel Super Heroes ~ USPS 41-cent stamps of the Silver Surfer and Sub-Mariner

The US Postal Service has had a good decade-long track record of producing some interesting stamps.  I remember a time when people would complain about how boring US stamps and currency were compared to other countries’. In my opinion, the Looney Toons stamps were some of the first to really break out and allow us […]

Pacific Lighthouses ~ USPS 41-cent stamps

The lighthouses of the Pacific usually don’t get as much airtime as those of New England, but the US Postal Service has a series of stamps with photos of their western counterparts (click to enlarge):   The lighthouses shown are the Diamond Head Lighthouse in Hawail, the Five Finger Lighthouse in Alaska, the Grays Harbor […]

Escola ~ carnivale with or without the Argentinean Ford Ecosport party vehicle

If Marshall McLuhan was right that the medium is the message, this commercial for the Ford Ecosport from Argentina means that this medium to paradise is the paradise itself: Find more videos like this on   Essentially, the guy goes into a used car dealership and buys a mobile party machine with carnivale dancers.  […]

Boston Logan Intl. Airport’s Terminal B Airmall ~ Get your pet to the beach or just shop and dine

If you’re a staunch animal rights supporter, you may be appalled by this image: But come on, despite the anthropomorphism and beach overkill, this dog is cute.  What’s strange is that this is a "Shop & Dine Guide," but spends two folds of the brochure talking about tips for traveling with your pet. And even […]

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