Palm Tree 1 Lighthouse 0 ~ Citi Cards

Citi refuses to leave the coasts with their advertising. They must have spent some time at the Earl Cunningham exhibit at the Smithsonian to come up with this ad (click to enlarge):


Yes, that’s a palm tree that has supposedly been transported from Florida to Maine. I know that these stories are embellished to make for compelling advertising, but I really wish they would rid that beautiful Maine house of that palm tree. It doesn’t belong there even as a joke.

Maine’s coastal trees are so much more beautiful and important FOR MAINE than the notion that you have to carry a piece of warm paradise to cool paradise to make it just a little bit better. Nonsense.

But this house isn’t even just any old house. In reality, it holds the status of being THE MOST VISITED LIGHTHOUSE in Maine: the Portland Head Lighthouse. And the people who put together the ad used Photoshop to perform a lighthousectomy so that they could put a palm tree in its place. See this picture from

This ad is not quality folk art like Cunningham, this is visually stimulating junk. Don’t mess with Maine. It’s great just the way it is, and as soon as people realize that they don’t need palm trees to be happy, the place is going to bounce back economically. Mainers get home now before Jersey buys the Portland Head LIghthouse with their diamond-encrusted Citi credit card.

The CIti ad was found in House and Garden, December 2007 inside cover.

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Posted on November 16, 2007
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  1. Drachen on November 16th, 2007 6:27 pm


    That is the concept of that add going way over your head.

  2. Raymond on January 29th, 2015 6:45 pm

    I actually remember that ad. Although I’m a southerner I’ve already admired northern climates and culture namely the Northeast. I was jealous of that palm tree that it got to live in Maine LOL.

    You have a point about biased against cold weather. It seems we’re told what to like, what to outraged about, what to say, what to think in today’s mob mentality climate. Cold weather is my heaven not tropical climate.

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