Rapidsea vocabulary exercise: ‘hoon’ and ‘pinniped’

First up, this article from Australia popped up yesterday: “Police on trail of beach hoons.”  I had no idea what a “hoon” was, but the context provided only a few hints.  Well, after a quick Google definition search extensive research to firm up the definition, “hoon” ends up meaning “a loud, obnoxious person.”  Anyway, the article is about how the police are going to stop loud, obnoxious people from riding fast all over the beach by investing in some fast vehicles to chase them down.  Stop the hoons!  And you thought they were sea mammals.


Second, after spending too many hours on planes, I was exposed last night to another dose of television Cranium airplanium.  One of the words it was teaching was “pinniped.”  In Latin, “pinni” and “ped” means “feather” and “foot.”  So, a “pinniped” is a marine mammal with flippers.  It seems that all of their limbs have been modified into flippers.  How cool and useless is that?

So there we have two new words, one cultural and one scientific.  Happy travels to Australia and the Poles.

NOTE: Photograph from the Wikimedia Commons.

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Posted on November 28, 2007
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