IBM Do ~ Avatar Island Commercial

IBM has a new ad out as part of their "Do" initiative: It’s about the online world, avatars, and of course the little islands that they create.  I think that it’s pretty much a direct reference to Second Life.  I’m not really sure what islands have to do with "Do."  Sounds like a bit of […]

Creepiest ad smiles

This ad for Wellesse Glucosamine supplements contains some of the creepiest smiling people I have ever seen: They sure do appear to be enjoying their boating adventure.  There’s a huge SNL "jealous" hiding behind those eyes.  Those fiery life vests are something. This is from The Costco Connection January 2008 page 53.

Wii Shark Gun

Shoot me now: Please. Links to more on the Shark Gun: Kotaku, Gizmodo, and Deal Extreme.

Retirement ~ the beach allusion and illusion

Paradise retirement images range from the literal beach ads, like this T. Rowe Price one, to this very subtle Charles Schwab colors-only ad: You have the beach, ocean, and clouds here — all in one otherwise hidden image.  The same colors were later adapted and added to other ads.  For example, there is this one […]

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