The Edge of the World ~ or the middle of the Indian Ocean ~ Gail Vida Hamburg

A new novel called The Edge of the World by Gail Vida Hamburg is being pushed around in web ads.  Here are the stills of a Flash banner that I pulled apart and reassembled in one image:


It’s a pretty big stretch to put your book in the category of the biggies like Slaughterhouse Five and Catch-22, especially with a name for a book as unremarkable as The Edge of the World, unless it’s that good of course.

In researching the topic of the book, my initial clue to even research it was the ocean above.  I couldn’t tell that the dark spot on the cover is also a little canoe-type boat:


After looking the book up on Amazon, it turns out that it’s about a fictional island nation in the Indian Ocean.  Despite its unremarkable name and cover, the book has three raving fans on Amazon.  One states: "This beautiful book is a harrowing and profoundly moving biography of an invented island nation-state in the Indian Ocean."  Another reader says: "In my mind, Gail Hamburg is one of the most underrated writers working today."

Maybe she needs to twist her publisher’s arm to create more compelling book titles and cover images.  In any event, I am going to add this to December’s reading list.  I hope it’s as good as they say it is.

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Posted on December 1, 2007
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