The Onion ~ Point/Counterpoint on ‘Footprints’

I mentioned the religious significance of the footprints in the Navy Seal recruitment beach ad by the same name.  Well, The Onion has taken that story and written a Point/Counterpoint article.  It’s old, but worth a read.

Here’s a Point excerpt: "You dreamed you were walking along the beach with Me…. You noticed that many times along the path of life there was only one set of footprints… [i]t was then that I carried you."

And the Counterpoint: "Look closely. See how those footprints have that wavy tread pattern on the bottom, just like my docksiders? If they were yours, they’d make a sandal mark, like the footprints next to mine a little farther up the beach when I was going through better times."

Check out the Navy Seal post above if you haven’t read it already, and then head to The Onion page here.

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Posted on December 26, 2007
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