Kapalua Bay Beach on Maui named 3rd Best Place to Propose in the USA

TripAdvisor has released their Top 10 places to propose in the country.  Coming in at number three is Kapalua Bay Beach on Maui. This is just great.  Now people will think that they have to propose on the beach, get married on the beach, and go on a beach honeymoon. Even more surprising is the […]

90,000 people in Ontario lose power ~ one of them goes surfing

This Dan Kappa photo is from a Toronto Star article: What is the article about?  Well, a power outage of course. 90,000 people have been cut off due to the crazy weather.  That’s why the guy went surfing? Huh?  What?  The article doesn’t even contain the word "surf." Exactly.  Welcome to Rapidsea.

Sunscreen killing off coral ~ 10% of reefs in danger

A few years ago, while on a scuba-diving trip to the Red Sea, I looked at a friend of mine who was sunbathing and told her that you could make a killing promoting "Coral-Safe Sunblock."  She freaked at me because she wasn’t wearing any.  Then she suddenly realized that no such product existed.  I looked […]

Hawaii Chair ~ absolutely ridiculous (or is it?)

Back in November, we talked about the "Hula Chair" found in the SkyMall catalog.  Well, now the motorized version of the chair called the "Hawaii Chair" from a company called Perfect USA is making buzz around the Internets.  I have to say that it makes the Hula Chair look like a rocking horse in a […]

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