Arizona ~ Daily Seizure from Repetitive Waterfalls

Arizona has been pushing this Seize the Day tourism waterfall ad:


This image is remarkably similar to ever other couple-traveling-and-visiting-a-waterfall ad.  Like this Hawaiian version.  Or there’s this shower ad that is missing the couple; presumably they’re in the shower instead.

This waterfall is quite beautiful, but this photo doesn’t really tell the story of Arizona as a place.  All this idealism and island symbolism is a major snooze.  And "Seize the Day" is unremarkable as a slogan.  Why not try harder?  At least Maryland had the guts to say "Seize the Day Off."  See:


Yes, there is some water falling in this ad too…and those beaches.  Why is everyone rushing to the same ideals of place in these images instead of pulling out what is truly unique about their locales?

You can read more about Arizona here at ArizonaGuide.  Where you might see that they decided to put the guy’s shirt back on:


Ideal place + ideal people = non-reality?  No shirt, no shoes, all paradise.

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Posted on January 14, 2008
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