Hawaii Chair ~ absolutely ridiculous (or is it?)

Back in November, we talked about the "Hula Chair" found in the SkyMall catalog.  Well, now the motorized version of the chair called the "Hawaii Chair" from a company called Perfect USA is making buzz around the Internets.  I have to say that it makes the Hula Chair look like a rocking horse in a superbike world.  It is either the single most ridiculous exercise product ever released, or the most ingenious "marital aid" the world has ever seen:


This staged marketing video is almost as funny as this one of Ellen DeGeneres giving the Hawaii Chair a try.  She has a way of seriously making ridiculous things look, well, ridiculous.  It’s good to see someone cutting through the crap.

Poor Hawaii.  It’s a beautiful place, and it gets totally maligned because of it.  The spirit of the Hawaiian Archipelago ("Ka Pae `Aina O Hawai`i Nei), which is over 1,500 miles long, finds its way into millions of images each year, influencing clothing, traveling, sports, drugs, and many others showcased at Rapidsea.  Buying products marketed with these images will not afford you as much escape as your money will to the companies that sell the products to you.

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Posted on January 30, 2008
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