John McCain ~ Iraq ‘some kind of day at the beach’

After the ACLU’s tropical paradise anti-Gitmo ad with the missing quote, another politically charged image popped up concerning John McCain’s stance on the war in Iraq, this one referring to a "day at the beach" (click to enlarge):


McCain is quoted as saying on CNN in August 2006: "The American people … were led to believe that this would be some kind of day at the beach which many of us, uh, fully understood from the very beginning would be a very, very difficult undertaking."  Once again, I went looking for the missing piece.

Like the ACLU’s Cheney quote, the full quote for McCain stems from Cheney’s comments about the insurgency in Iraq being "in its final throes."  Here’s McCain’s full quote (missing pieces in bold):

I think one of the biggest mistakes we made was underestimating the size of the task and the sacrifice that would be required. "Stuff happens." "Mission Accomplished." "Last throes." A few "dead-enders." I’m as more familiar with those statements than anyone else because it grieves me so much that we have not told the American people how tough and difficult this task would be. And it has contributed enormously to the frustration that Americans feel today, because they were led to believe that this would be some kind of a day at the beach, which many of us fully understood from the beginning would be a very, very difficult undertaking.

For those people who have been affected directly by the war, my family included, it has obviously been no day at the beach.  Even referring to it in reverse as "not a day at the beach" is an insulting and burning cliche.

The quotes in the image above point out some very important inconsistencies from a many who said that "I don’t think Americans are concerned if we’re there for one hundred years or a thousand years or ten thousand years."  Yet this war has taken longer than the American Civil War and our involvement in World War II.

Both "day at the beach" and "living in the tropics" are dangerous cliches.

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Posted on January 6, 2008
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