Smile Train ~ Tropical Charity

When it comes to heart-warming charities whose impact is immediately obvious with two simple photos, it doesn’t get any better than The Smile Train.  They are "The World’s Leading Cleft Charity." It’s an amazing cause, but I’m worried a bit that they’re using the same tropical-address-label fundraising efforts as everybody else (click to enlarge): Yes, […]

Coconuts kill?

This T-shirt popped up this morning: Duck! The headine that linked to this was, of course, that "coconuts kill more Americans each year than terrorism."  We must stop the killing. Of course, the Joel Best publishing through the University of California Press says that they don’t.  Or more precisely: "Do 150 people actually die in […]

Rudy Giuliani’s Last-Ditch Paradise Effort in Florida

I couldn’t help but love this quote from an article called "Giuliani Makes Last-Ditch Effort in Florida" by Bret Schulte at US News and World Report: "On Sunday, in an arena-size [Cocoa Beach] Ron Jon Surf Shop festooned with psychedelic surfboards and garb for those who hang loose, Giuliani appeared in his signature New York […]

Happy 50th Anniversary LEGO!

As kids’ toys go, I am a fan of LEGO.  Not only are the kits themselves creative, but they are also infinitely customizable for even more layers of imagination.  Their advertising is also typically pretty great.  For example, there’s the "Imagine" campaign:   And one of my top ten all-time favorite Rapidsea-ready ads, the LEGO […]

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