AP: ‘An unloved new island in Maldives’

Associated Press write Matthew Rosenberg has a new article called "An unloved new island in Maldives."  The article talks about the island of Hulhumalé that the government of the Maldives built near the airport and the capital of Male.  They can’t seem to attract people to live there according to the article.  Of course, this is not hard to understand why when you look at the satellite image of the place:

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The island looks like it was planned by a Soviet architect.  It needs help.  It’s not just about having land, but activities also.  And the fact that they started building on the point farthest from the current capital seems misguided, even though it’s farthest away from the airport.  Until more jobs exist on the island, people are not going to want to live here and commute, just as the article says.

They need to rethink the style of buildings that they’re constructing and the importance of the capital and the surrounding ocean to the overall project.  They could also go back and really examine pedestrian patterns and their planting strategy.  Overall, it seems like this little master-planned island needs some "market" injected into it.

Follow this link to see the progress of the island’s construction over the years.

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Posted on February 2, 2008
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