Paradise Hotel 2 returns tomorrow ~ even after cast member commits suicide


Brace yourselves.  Paradise Hotel, one of the most ill-conceived irreality television shows of our time, returns on February 4th for a second round.  The show "brings a sexy new cast of singles to a secluded hotel for an adventure-filled experience to win a cash prize," according to E! Online Canada.


Not to mention that one of the shows cast members Nathan Clutter, has apparently committed suicide by jumping off a cell tower.  His poor family.  BUT they decided to keep the scenes of him in (notice in that link, too, that there were some productions problems, like a hurricane that washed away the roads and villa where they were filming…oops).

How could you even watch this trainwreque à grande vitesse?  Well, if you plan on doing so, you may want to choose the later adult airing of each episode.

Don’t you just love the butterfly and heart logo.  Makes me want to be there.

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Posted on February 3, 2008
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