Will Ferrell as Flint Tropics’ Jackie Moon in latest Super Bowl Ad for Bud Light

Will Ferrell had one of the few notable commercials from the Super Bowl.  He stars as Jackie Moon, the "Owner/Player/Coach" of the Flint Tropics:


Notice the hot uniform he’s wearing?  That is presumably the anti-paradise town of Flint, Michigan (ranked as the 3rd most miserable city in the country by Forbes).  So why not call ourselves the "Flint Tropics."  It’s amusing, but a little trite.  At least the dialog is choice.

Poor Flint.  Michael Moore will be upset.  Where’s Celebrity Death Match when you need it?  Jackie Moon vs. Michael Moore.  Don’t you miss the good ol’ days?

The ad is, in part, a mini-trailer for the movie Semi-Pro, which will be coming out on February 29th.  If you go to the official site, there’s an "age restricted trailer," but you have to go through a creepy real-time age verification process, providing them with way too much information about yourself than they need.  All a kid has to know to get in is his dad’s name, zip code, and birth date.  How useless is that?  Oh, except as a marketing tool.

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Posted on February 4, 2008
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