Margaritas that bite ~ Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings shows that there’s more than one way to slice a lime: Corona knock off?  Or another round of creative advertising? The text reads: "Margarita Mayem – Five flavors. Frozen or on-the-rocks. Be warned. They bite."

Dangerous surfing?

Click on the beautiful image below to decide whether or not that surfer is planning on going back into the water: Run? The photo was captured by Felipe Antonio Caramori.

Rich people starting to “jet pool” to private islands to help save the planet ~ gee, thanks

Necker Island, the private island retreat of Richard Branson, is the global warming locale of the moment as several celebrity-status entrepreneurs and politicians gather there to talk about a world "on fire" according to the International Herald Tribune. The best line of the article is this: "Some of them, like [Google co-founder Larry] Page, carbon-consciously […]

A new meme for butterfly cliches

This comic takes on the butterfly.  Finally.  Thank you.

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