Rich people starting to “jet pool” to private islands to help save the planet ~ gee, thanks

Necker Island, the private island retreat of Richard Branson, is the global warming locale of the moment as several celebrity-status entrepreneurs and politicians gather there to talk about a world "on fire" according to the International Herald Tribune.

The best line of the article is this: "Some of them, like [Google co-founder Larry] Page, carbon-consciously jet-pooled in from Silicon Valley."

Look at these ridiculous people from the article’s photo:


Who are they trying to kid?  I’m sure those life vests are just drills to practice for rising water levels, right?  They have nothing at all to do with fossil-fueled recreational watercraft.  No.  Surely not.

A meeting like this is like trying to fund a war against drugs with money from the sale of cocaine.  It’s like pastors having affairs with their wives boyfriends after their adultery speeches.  It’s like billionaires having fun and writing the expenses off their taxes while trying to get some good publicity.

Either that or they’re talking investments in a way that they find pleasurable.  Good on ya.  The great capitalist way.  If nothing else, good on them for actively seeking other sources of energy.  No, really, I mean that one.

They at least did some sailing, and we all know that wind is the old world water-commuter’s dream energy source.

[Photo credit: Andrew Ross Sorkin/The New York Times pulled from IHT article]

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Posted on March 20, 2008
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