Volvic ~ what exactly is this ‘Volcanicity’?

In early March, AdForum had a Focus section on "Birds."  That’s a prime topic in which to find a paradise-inspired landscape.  I found one in this featured Volvic ad from 2007:

There are so many weird cross-cultural and trans-landscape things happening in this video.  Whether you’re talking about "your birds" (which are actually dinosaurs, but still possibly offensive to some women in the UK) or the citrus-covered palmy landscape, which bears little resemblance whatsoever to the volcanoes of the Massif Central in the middle of France where Volvic water finds its source (although, admittedly, I have no idea what the prehistoric landscape of the region looked like).  Then there’s the notion of flavored water.  We all marvel at it likes it’s some new invention.

The end line is: "Volcano filtered, so it’s full of Volcanicity."  What is that?  It’s not like it tastes like Lagavulin, the expensive Scotch single-malt whisky that tastes like you licked a fireplace shovel.  So does Volcanicity just mean unrestrained machismo?  I have never associated Volvic with that image.

This is one of the most confused ads ever.  Volvic is just an amazing spring water.  Years ago, I lived a few miles from Volvic for a short period of time.  I had the opportunity to do the Marche des Volcans years ago, which takes you all around the old and eroded tree-covered volcanoes of the area.  It was during that time that I actually tasted the same water coming naturally out of the ground.  It’s amazing.

For as evil as bottled water is, I have a hard time taking a glass of tap water over a bottle of Volvic.  Too bad I would rather watch Coke commercials than this weird Volcanicity series.

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Posted on March 14, 2008
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