Economic(s) Research Associates ~ Surf Experience

Economics Research Associates "is an international consulting firm working primarily in real estate, entertainment and leisure, and land use policy and planning."  They are a competent and renowned firm. For their website, they have a nice little transitional Flash opener on the website, which starts out with a guy standing on a surfboard with a […]

Bridgestone ~ For drivers who want their cars to get washed up and stuck on the beach

The reflection concept in this ad is kind of interesting, but it leaves you scratching your head when you think about why you would want a nice Mercedes looking like it washed up on the beach without its tires.  If it’s either Bridgestone or nothing, don’t show a car with nothing.

Jumping the fashion shark

Sorry for the post drought.  I am on the second of two trips and also remodeling a small 200-year-old house.  I have been collecting as much as ever, and more posts are on their way. Luckily, my dear friend Kristin, as she lies in bed healing from surgery, dredged up one of the strangest fashion […]

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