Wynn Encore ~ a little XS and never again

Be forewarned that the Wynn Encore’s XS night club, which is apparently one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas at the moment, is a horrible place to host a party.  Do NOT choose this venue for an important event such as a big birthday, upscale bachelor/bachelorette party, or after-wedding event.  You will be disappointed […]

Environmental Graffiti partial to volcanism

It’s always good to know what gets a media company such as a popular blog up in the mornings, and Environmental Graffiti revealed a bit about themselves in a post with tons of photos of volcanoes with lightning.  They write: At Environmental Graffiti, we’re a bit partial towards all things volcanic. Smouldering fumaroles, bubbling mud […]

Get Lost ~ the island doesn’t want you here

Remember the story about the new volcanic island Hunga Ha’apai forming near Tonga in March 2009?  Here’s the video:   The strange part is that one man decided to be (perhaps?) the first person to take a step on it.  His story is crazy enough that you would think he would get the hint that […]

Southwest Airlines Additional Charge for Air

This commercial from Southwest has been waiting for its place on the blog for a while.  It portrays a scuba diver with his instructor who engage in an uncomfortable conversation about tank air being a $35 upgrade:   Okay, it’s funny (even though you can’t talk when you’re down there).  The only issue is whether […]

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