Environmental Graffiti partial to volcanism

It’s always good to know what gets a media company such as a popular blog up in the mornings, and Environmental Graffiti revealed a bit about themselves in a post with tons of photos of volcanoes with lightning.  They write:

At Environmental Graffiti, we’re a bit partial towards all things volcanic. Smouldering fumaroles, bubbling mud volcanoes, sizzling lava lakes…. Little surprise then, that the idea of volcanoes combined with another extreme and volatile natural phenomenon – lightning – really got us rubbing our hands together. Prepare for fire and brimstone clashes of epic proportions as two of Mother Earth’s most powerful forces go head to head….

These photos appear to be bouncing around a couple of blogs, having come to Environmental Graffiti by way of BLDGBLOG.  They have pulled others from elsewhere on the net, including Wikipedia.

Here’s a preview sliver of one the stunning photos (this one from Chile by Carlos Gutierrez, apparently for United Press International):

Photo by Carlos Gutierrez

“Volcanoes and lightning!” sounds like an 18th-century replacement for “zounds!”  Everybody loves a huge earthen force to make you feel alive.  It’s good to see what we would normally consider a paradisiacal scene shaken up by reality.

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Posted on April 24, 2009
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