Isabella Rossellini makes marine animal reproduction entertainingly uncomfortable

Since April 1, 2009, Sundance Channel has been offering up the latest installments of Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno series, the animal sex documentary that only a European could bring to America.  According to the site:

Following up the critical and popular success of her 2008 short film series about the sex lives of insects, Isabella Rossellini migrates from the land to the sea in Green Porno 2. Like the first season of Green Porno, this batch of very short films about the reproductive habits of marine animals is scientifically accurate yet extremely entertaining. Produced by Isabella Rossellini, Jody Shapiro and Rick Gilbert.

While Rossellini has chosen some fascinating marine animals, it seems obvious that she would fall into our obsession with the sea and its creatures this time around, which will take her work and make it interesting and available to an even wider audience.  Here’s the promo video (probably not suitable at most workplaces with your speakers on):

With the insects, you weren’t sure if you were watching a crazy person or a scientific genius bringing information to everyday people that we otherwise have ignored.  The insect series induced a general level of shock not easily replicable in round two, unless of course she’s willing to dress up as a bunch of strange phalluses with weird sound effects.

With this second round, she takes iconic creatures that we tend to be fascinated with (or outright love) and makes them all too real.  Those of us with puritan instincts will cringe and half cover our eyes (it’s like finding out that your grandparents are sexual beings).  Yet in the end you can’t help but watch each two-minute webisode.

It’s perhaps best not to watch them if you’re at work.  They’re not offensive, but you never know how your coworkers might react to hearing technical terms for reproductive organs while they wait for that latest pie chart.  You also probably don’t want to have to explain to Judy in the next cubicle what a hermaphroditic limpet is.  See the videos here.

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Posted on April 21, 2009
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