Disneynature Oceans ~ Goofy-looking icebergs coming to the big screen on Earth Day 2010

Disney is pushing its Disneynature brand and preparing for a, dare we say “epic,” film release on Earth Day 2010: Oceans.  Here’s the trailer.  This follows from today’s release of their film Earth. The footage should be stunning, but where does this leave Disney in the environmental cause?  Are they just trying to profit from […]

Google’s Earth Day paradise wishes

If ever you needed an image that summarizes what we wish the world still were, Google dropped this holiditty today: Sweet waterfalls and coral reefs are all the earth has left to love?  These are sad times if so. That cold, freshwater runoff might not be terribly conducive to the perfect tropical sea life below […]

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

You may not be able to pronounce “ukulele” (even though you might think you can), but that sweet island instrument takes you away.  And “Dent May” may sound like a scrappy warplane piloted by a WWII hero during the Pearl Harbor attacks, but it’s actually an indie pop musician from Mississippi/New York enamored with his […]

Isabella Rossellini makes marine animal reproduction entertainingly uncomfortable

Since April 1, 2009, Sundance Channel has been offering up the latest installments of Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno series, the animal sex documentary that only a European could bring to America.  According to the site: Following up the critical and popular success of her 2008 short film series about the sex lives of insects, Isabella […]

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