Southwest Airlines Additional Charge for Air

This commercial from Southwest has been waiting for its place on the blog for a while.  It portrays a scuba diver with his instructor who engage in an uncomfortable conversation about tank air being a $35 upgrade:


Okay, it’s funny (even though you can’t talk when you’re down there).  The only issue is whether or not it is a good idea to align your company with the notion that air is not provided to customers even if you are trying to say the opposite and the commercial depicts an activity out of your element.

I flew Southwest once, and we arrived ahead of schedule (CRAZY tailwind).  There were no other perks.  If you’re into that, good on ya.  I’d rather pay $25 for a decent seat, sit with my family, and maybe even arrive 10 minutes late.  Nevertheless, this commercial will put a smile on most people’s faces who commiserate over too many charges on planes.

According to Sputnik7, the commercial was the work of Tool.

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Posted on April 23, 2009
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