White House glows aloha purple at luau

The White House hosted a luau yesterday for Congress, which would have gotten a great deal more attention in the media if it hadn’t been for the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.  The event was still largely documented, and the photographers out there didn’t fail to capture some of the island spirit in their photos.  In this one, for example, they have the White House glowing a nice shade of purply pink:


You can’t miss that tropical monocot nicely placed off to the left in the photo as well.  You would barely know that this was Washington, D.C. if it weren’t for the columns.  They know how to present a political event disguised as a tropical gathering at the AP/HuffingtonPost.

From the rest of the article with more photos, People appeared to have had a good time with just the dunk tank alone.  It’s not clear what political advantage this gives to Obama.  On the one side, it’s an event that most people can appreciate and enjoy.  No one hates a luau unless it’s PETA protesting a pig roast.  On the other, if Obama looks like he’s partying too much it could open him to criticism from the other side.

Maybe that’s why they added the dunk tank  There’s nothing more humanizing in American culture than being tipped off a board into a vat of water from the impact of a baseball.  You’re the underdog hovering above the water even when a four-year-old is staring through the target.

The event had hula dancers, good food, and tons of people.  If nothing else, Obama managed to drive home the fact that he’s from Hawaii and not the “Chicago machine,” the term his enemies have been using against him.  I’m going to guess that this is not the first luau they’ll hold during his administration’s time in the Purply Pink White House.

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Posted on June 26, 2009
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