Dear mainstream media: the earthquake happened in Chile, not Hawaii

The devastation caused by the 2010 Chilean earthquake, which was 500 times as powerful as the recent Haitian earthquake, merits attention. Unfortunately, the US has been fixated on the tsunami that was headed for Hawaii. The possible destruction of various pieces of low-lying paradise upstaged the real tragedy of an earthquake felt for a thousand […]

A Shark Spring at the LA County Museum of Art ~ John Singleton Copley’s Watson and the Shark

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is getting into the spirit of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week with their advertising for an exhibit called American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765–1915, which runs from February 28 to May 23, 2010. Check out this dramatic scene of a young swimmer being rescued from hungry sharks featured […]

Beach Sand and the Bloom Box ~ Here come the conspiracy theorists

Allow Rapidsea to be the first to predict the ecological uproar over the Bloom Box by Bloom Energy, a power-generating fuel cell stack that was revealed to the television world on 60 Minutes on February 21, 2010. The technological and economic doubters have already had their say, even before the product is fully revealed, but […]

Shark Law Office ~ Folly Beach, South Carolina

The Internet is having fun again (still?) with sharks. The image that is popping up at various blogs and social networking sites is of a shark mounted over the door of a law office. The photo below was taken by William B. Folsom of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which is part of […]

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