Chez Cher Sells with Sofas by the Seashore

Cher sold her Big-Island Hawaiian home at auction for $8.7 million according to CNN. The fourth image in the four-picture gallery is particularly amusing:


Notice the palms blowing in the wind? The description says that the “Trade winds cool the patio.” No wonder why she has never lived there. How could she keep her wigs on in that wind tunnel? Okay, maybe it was a particularly breezy day.

They also say that the house is a “contemporary take of traditional Balinese architecture.” Whether or not you agree with the success of the architects at achieving said archibabble, you have to wonder why they couldn’t find a contemporary Hawaiian vernacular to better suit the island on which the house sits. At the bottom of the first page of photos, CNN’s next button says, “This is no little grass shack,” as if to say that that’s what an island typology would be. I’ll take archibabble over CNN babble any day.

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Posted on February 9, 2010
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