Mini Clubman ~ Etch-A-Sketch Paradise

The Clubman in the Mini line of cars has at least two paradise ads floating around the Internet.  The scenes look like this: You can see that  no dolphins, flamingoes, or hairy-chested men in Speedos were spared from these fantastic line-art displays. Here is the speedboat/dolphin version:   And here’s the Speedo/airplane/flamingo/metal-detector version:   In […]

Tropical bird kitchenware ~ the toucan can opener and the parakeet garlic press

There were a couple of little kitchen items that I stumbled upon this week totally separately.  The first is this toucan can opener found in Metropolitan Home (March 2008 Page 8): The second is a parakeet garlic press. Both are good for the people who want nothing and both are made by a company called […]

Swedish Fish AquaLife ~ Canadian sea creatures

Who knew a second guinea-pig-to-paradise candy opportunity would pop up in the same week?  Today we have the new Swedish Fish AquaLife “Soft & Chewy Candy” in approximately a 6″ X 4″ X 3/4″ box full of dolphins, whales, starfish, blowfish, seahorses, and of course red Swedish Fish: They’re not quite as pretty in real […]

Travel vocabulary ~ ‘la langosta blanca’ or ‘the white lobster’

Be careful if you’re in Bluefields in Nicaragua.  If you hear the locals chatting about "la langosta blanca," they’re not referring to the rare albino lobster pictured above.  They’re talking about the catch of the day: cocaine jettisoned from speed boats that are being chased by drug enforcement officers.  Read about it here at the […]

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