Chez Cher Sells with Sofas by the Seashore

Cher sold her Big-Island Hawaiian home at auction for $8.7 million according to CNN. The fourth image in the four-picture gallery is particularly amusing: Notice the palms blowing in the wind? The description says that the “Trade winds cool the patio.” No wonder why she has never lived there. How could she keep her wigs […]

Conclusive evidence that crop circles are not alien renderings

Either the ocean obsession has spilled over into alien life interacting with earth or crop circles are made by sea-possessed humans.  The latest jellyfish crop “circle” in Britain provides 600 feet of near-conclusive evidence of the latter.  We love our ocean creatures.

Wynn Encore ~ a little XS and never again

Be forewarned that the Wynn Encore’s XS night club, which is apparently one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas at the moment, is a horrible place to host a party.  Do NOT choose this venue for an important event such as a big birthday, upscale bachelor/bachelorette party, or after-wedding event.  You will be disappointed […]

MGM Grand Paradise Macau

You spend over a billion dollars on a casino resort in one of the most expensive places on earth and you call it "Paradise."  Yawn.  The MGM Grand Paradise in Macau (美高梅金殿澳門) opened its doors on December 18th and 10:50 PM Macau time. True, it’s a beautiful building and a powerhouse of a partnership, but […]

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