Accenture Dumps Golfing Tiger for Surfing Elephant

If you Google “dumps Tiger,” half of the front page listings deal with the Accenture corporation. They officially cut ties with him in December 2009, giving a crisp send off in this press release (emphasis added): Accenture Sponsorship Update NEW YORK; Dec. 13, 2009 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) today announced that it will not continue […]

iPhoto Face Recognition ~ An Objective Visual Research Tool?

Automobile lovers have long known the importance of the right smile on the front end of a vehicle, but thanks to iPhoto we can objectively conclude that cruise ship companies share the goal of putting their best face forward. The bow of the Norwegian Dawn popped up as an “Unknown Face” while I was processing […]

CSX Freight Train Ads ~ from Baltimore to the Beach on a Single Gallon of Fuel

The CSX freight map web ad has been around for a while now. The animation starts in Baltimore and draws your eye along the freight line all the way up the eastern seaboard to Boston. It’s hard not to watch where it’s taking you. The approach is a compelling way to illustrate just how efficient […]

Bridgestone ~ For drivers who want their cars to get washed up and stuck on the beach

The reflection concept in this ad is kind of interesting, but it leaves you scratching your head when you think about why you would want a nice Mercedes looking like it washed up on the beach without its tires.  If it’s either Bridgestone or nothing, don’t show a car with nothing.

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