Mini Clubman ~ Etch-A-Sketch Paradise

The Clubman in the Mini line of cars has at least two paradise ads floating around the Internet.  The scenes look like this: You can see that  no dolphins, flamingoes, or hairy-chested men in Speedos were spared from these fantastic line-art displays. Here is the speedboat/dolphin version:   And here’s the Speedo/airplane/flamingo/metal-detector version:   In […]

Man pulls palm tree down onto his pick up truck

Enough said:   Aie.  So much for that bakkie.  This one is from South Africa. If this were real, I can only imagine that SOMEBODY would want to know if he was all right.

VW ~ Oceanside car breakup

This too-hip guy decides that he would rather drive a new VW Beetle than keep his old car:   …so he leaves it in a parking lot by the sea.  What a loser.  Poor car. It’s a good reason to not buy an VW.

DeLorean ~ okay, so you have gull-wing doors

It’s one thing to refer to "gull-wing doors" on your automobile.  Nobody really thinks of a seagull when you say it, but they know what you mean.  So, is the demise of the DeLorean such a huge shocker when you see the literal seagull images plastered all over this ad:   It’s a classic car […]

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