T. Rowe Price Beach

Hours of conversation are possible on the topic of retirement, especially where images of paradise are concerned.  We are programmed throughout life by images that tell us that at some point in our lives we’re supposed to stop working and start relaxing, and if we can start relaxing on the beach, we’ll be more fulfilled. […]

Deal or No Deal ~ Summer in December

The escape disease continues to spread.  Howie Mandel showed up to work in board shorts.  Did you happen to catch the Deal or No Deal beach night? It’s probably safe to say that some people did not mind the bikinis, even if they looked away each time they saw Howie’s legs.

Bikinis from space ~ Australia’s Bondi Beach

PC World has a picture article called “In Pictures: The Strangest Sights in Google Earth.” One of the images is from Bondi (“bond eye”) Beach in Australia, and they claim that you can read the designer labels of the bikinis. Here’s the Google Earth image: View Larger Map Our servers don’t know if you zoom […]

Gizmodo: ‘Inflatable Bikini Life Jacket Harnesses The Life-Saving Power of Boobs’

How did I miss this one?  Oh yeah, I was away for ten days with my mom who is getting ready to have a mastectomy.  This will make her laugh. Read all about the bikini life jacket and see the other half here at Gizmodo.

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