The Edge of the World ~ or the middle of the Indian Ocean ~ Gail Vida Hamburg

A new novel called The Edge of the World by Gail Vida Hamburg is being pushed around in web ads.  Here are the stills of a Flash banner that I pulled apart and reassembled in one image: It’s a pretty big stretch to put your book in the category of the biggies like Slaughterhouse Five […] Retirement Center ~ because books are needed while you slowly die on a sand bar

I hate ideal beach pictures that represent what we’re supposed to do at the end of our lives.  If you look at this one from the "Retirement Center" at, you’ll notice that this retired person didn’t even think to actually use the umbrella for shade: It’s just a prop.  All of these images are […]

October’s Reading List ~ What’s On & What’s Not

About 20 minutes after the post about Shanghai selling for $28 million, a package came with new Rapidsea reading material, including a book with a picture of Dubai on the front cover.  The first of the books is called Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of NeoLiberalism edited by Mike Davis and Daniel Bertrand Monk, and the other […]

Lost and Found, but Mostly Lost ~ Fictional Reality Television in Book Form

A recent trip to Target proved interesting with the latest tale from Carolyn Parkhurst: Lost and Found. The cover jumped out at me and said, “Don’t read me!” especially with that special sticker that someone at Targetdecided would be great to place over half the book’s title. Hooray! Two people running with abandon on a […]