A new meme for butterfly cliches

This comic takes on the butterfly.  Finally.  Thank you.

Coffee Art

Here’s a new bunch of images I pulled from a coffee art email that’s making the rounds.  There’s the fish: Butterfly: I like the sailboat one in particular: There were several others in the email too. It looks like at least one of these is from Israel.  I would like to credit them properly if […]

Are Havaianas flip flops on their way up?

In my rage against sports Crocs in August of last year, I predicted that Havaianas Zori-style sandals would likely to become the summer footwear of choice this year.  The company is certainly slowly pushing their way into the market.  This ad is from the March 2008 issue of Complex: They’ve got the palm trees, flowers, […]

Paradise Hotel 2 returns tomorrow ~ even after cast member commits suicide

Brace yourselves.  Paradise Hotel, one of the most ill-conceived irreality television shows of our time, returns on February 4th for a second round.  The show "brings a sexy new cast of singles to a secluded hotel for an adventure-filled experience to win a cash prize," according to E! Online Canada. Pass. Not to mention that […]

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