Society’s love of butterflies currently valued at $40,800

Butterflies and their peaceful meadow imagery powers have been all over the place this week (wait until you see the butterfly with the ball and chain that’s in the scan queue).  According to CNN, someone placed a winning online bid of $40,800 to name a butterfly the Minerva owl butterfly or Opsiphanes blythekitzmillerae, which is […]

Sony Playstation 3 ~ Universe of Entertainment

One of AdForum’s Top 5 ads this week is for the Sony Playstation 3.  It is black-and-white industry with cuts to color game scenes.  It starts out with this weird wheel of widgets, and they zoom on on these flowers on top that bloom and zoom into the stamen and pistil, which are actually a […]

Chase cash freedom or merchandise ~ your pick

Chase has their "Freedom" credit card that they’ve been advertising for quite a while now.  Its benefits are that it allows you to switch your points back and forth among different options, like cash and travel. Their advertising campaign pulls together some cliche images but with slightly more interesting visual twists than you would expect […]

NBC’s online-only drama "Coastal Dreams" ~ more maxipads than you’ll ever see on actual TV

Today a new word has joined us here on earth: “padvertisement” (with the British pronunciation of course). It means “an advertisement for a product using video as the medium along with a badly disguised aura of entertainment.” NBC and Stayfree maxipads helped spawn this one with their new online-only show “Coastal Dreams.” Being a guinea […]

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