Holiday Chocolate Oranges

I may have finally found a slight exception to the rule that chocolate is the one product that isn’t advertised with paradise, even though it’s usually grown there: holiday chocolate oranges. It’s only a "slight" exception in that you don’t really think about about the traditional chocolate orange that appears in the run up to […]

LG’s new HDTV ~ kitchen paradise found?

Imagine our un-surprise when we noticed that LG used a tropical island as the image on their publicity shots for their new $3,999 refrigerator embedded with a 15" high definition television: Here’s the close up: And inside? Yup, lemons, limes, pineapple orange juice, fruit bowls are all front and center.   Paradise indeed.  Consider this product […]

How Coca Cola killed a little girl called Samantha; okay it was just her cartoon likeness, but still…

First off, welcome new subscribers. Try Rapidsea out for a few days, and you’ll notice a wide variety of things we cover from organic lemonade (today’s first post) to military recruitment. Thanks, too, to FeedBurner for pushing us to the top of the Buzz list. We meant all the nice things we said about them […]

Renuzit Anti-stink pearls ~ paradise smells good

The pearls keep pouring in. We had the Intel pearl Centrino, the Tiffany pearl layering, and now the stink-slaying Renuzit pearls: Renuzit already uses so many “image”inary scents from paradise that delving into sea life as industrial design seems like the logical next step. I would say that I hate this product, but I think […]

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