Humans and dolphins are mammals ~ Emerald and Pop Secret are nuts

There is so much that can and cannot be said about the Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret popcorn commercial from the February 2010 Super Bowl:   Even the manipulation of paradise can be manipulated. I’m guessing that this commercial will end up a success. It’s definitely the most memorable of the paradise commercials from the […]

Volvic ~ what exactly is this ‘Volcanicity’?

In early March, AdForum had a Focus section on "Birds."  That’s a prime topic in which to find a paradise-inspired landscape.  I found one in this featured Volvic ad from 2007: There are so many weird cross-cultural and trans-landscape things happening in this video.  Whether you’re talking about "your birds" (which are actually dinosaurs, but […]

Neuf Box uses an out-of-place beautiful blond on a horse on the beach ~ for laughs

This week, AdForum’s Top 5 ads of the week features two French commercials in a series of beach houses (available here dubbed in English for a limited time without a subscription).  The ads mock the beautiful, the blond(e), and the beach in an attempt to shutter away the cliche.  Here’s one with subtitles:   The […]

Will Ferrell Semi-Pro Trailer ~ the ‘clean’ version

In case you’re wondering if you’re ready to give up some of your privacy to see the adult version of the Semi-Pro movie trailer that I mentioned in the Super Bowl ad post, I leave you with this image from the clean version: And the folks in Virginia Beach were all upset about the Abercrombie […]

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