Will Ferrell as Flint Tropics’ Jackie Moon in latest Super Bowl Ad for Bud Light

Will Ferrell had one of the few notable commercials from the Super Bowl.  He stars as Jackie Moon, the "Owner/Player/Coach" of the Flint Tropics:   Notice the hot uniform he’s wearing?  That is presumably the anti-paradise town of Flint, Michigan (ranked as the 3rd most miserable city in the country by Forbes).  So why not […]

Hawaii Chair ~ absolutely ridiculous (or is it?)

Back in November, we talked about the "Hula Chair" found in the SkyMall catalog.  Well, now the motorized version of the chair called the "Hawaii Chair" from a company called Perfect USA is making buzz around the Internets.  I have to say that it makes the Hula Chair look like a rocking horse in a […]

VW ~ Oceanside car breakup

This too-hip guy decides that he would rather drive a new VW Beetle than keep his old car:   …so he leaves it in a parking lot by the sea.  What a loser.  Poor car. It’s a good reason to not buy an VW.

Guinness Life of a Dot

The little dot could be anything, even the Eden or the submarine you’ll see in this advertisement…   Instead, it chose to be a pint of Guinness. This reminds me of the hula hoop in the Hudsucker Proxy movie. By way of Duncan’s TV Ad Land, which has more information and full stats on the […]

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